shininghaxorus (shininghaxorus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Trying my luck here to purchase some extremely rare and expensive cards

Hello, as the subject suggest, I've recently been hunting down a Rayquaza gold star from EX DEOXYS PSA10 and a groudon gold star from holon phantoms PSA10. I am not interested in their japanese counterparts. Very preferably if the seller is from the states or canada. If any of you have interest in selling one of these guys, please pm me.

I am aware there are currently 2 rayquaza gold star psa 10s on ebay and one that just got sold. Each of them didnt meet my own expectations from quality to customs. If yoi guys know any other places/forums that may be seliing these guys that would also help alot.

As a side note, I am looking for some of the original ex cards, mainly lugia ex -unseen forces, rayquaza (delta) ex - holon phantoms, salamence (delta) ex- ex dragon frontiers. All must be nm condition.

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