joeyscornic (joeyscornic) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Who knows about these?

In my previous post I had mentioned I was going through my toybox. Well I had just remembered I found something else and was hoping to see if anyone happens to know. I have these tiny little Pokemon you get from those machines that take a quarter like gumballs and stuff. This was way back then when I was like maybe 4-5 years old. So like maybe 2000-2002 era, I'm trying to find any info but nothing on google or ebay or any list online. They are pretty small and maybe of plastic. They are pretty old and you can see the paint stratched off and what time has done to these guys. I'm sure I have a bunch more in the box but I just grabbed whatever ones I can see on the bottom of the box.

Tags: 1st gen, horsea, koffing, pinsir, tentacool, venonat, weepinbell, zapdos

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