reiadarkim (reiadarkim) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking For and Sales updated!

Hello all!

I am looking for one of the Eevee and Colorful friends postcards. Specifically this one:

(I may also buy another Jolteon only one)

I decided to do a little display with all of them plus this one, so  I'm on the hunt for this one! (last one I need, though may need a second jolteon since I may keep my first one with my jolty collection specifically)
Anyone have one for sale? What would the total be to 48133 - US?

Does anyone have any of the Jolteon stamps made by pokebox? What does the back/stamper part look like?
And is anyone willing to sell theirs??
here is a few examples of what they may look like:

I have also updated my sales with lowered prices.
As always I am willing to HAGGLE on anything and everything.

Please click the photos or my sales banner to head there!
Or just click HERE

Thank you for your time!!!!
Tags: eeveelution, espeon, goomy, sales, serperior, umbreon, wants

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