Nick (chain) wrote in pkmncollectors,

eBay Sales Update + Pokemon Time Sale + Happy Meal Claims Update


I just updated my eBay sales with some new items! Currently, eBay AU is letting Australian customers buy things with 10% off discount using the code: PINCH. You can click on the image to see the listings.

I'll list up the small lot after I've confirmed shipping cost for it. It'll probably be up for auction rather than straight sale.

Also, got this Pokemon Time plush set that I'm willing to sell here first for $350 USD. All three are MWT, but tags are worn.

Finally, regarding the Happy Meal toys at Maccas, it's proving more difficult than I originally thought since I'm only able to find one particular Pokemon available when I visit Maccas. So far, I've gone to three different places, but I might visit one or two in the city tomorrow. So I have decided to suspend any future claims until I get all current claims sorted out.
mcdp (Custom).jpg
Tags: banpresto, plush, pokedoll, pokemon center, sales

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