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More sylveon stuff!!

I have received a nice lot of sylveon items off of ebay. Some items are duplicates but that just means double the cuteness! I am super excited to show you guys!
Sylveon & pikachu look so cute together!!

Cute tiny containers that I might actually use to put little pokemon items in!

Now I have 2 of these cuties! I dont remember but this might be a mascot plush.

2 packs of tissues and now i have another of these pink tins.

These 2 at the bottom are so cool. (Already have the one at the top) I didnt even know the one on the right existed.

I LOVE THIS FIGURE. I have been looking for this pose figure for a while and it is gorgeous. Its very big for its size and you can take off her bows.

I didnt know these existed either but I love how they chose black as the base color. It makes sylveon pop more imo.

AAANNNDD LAST BUT NOT LEAST MY BABY!! I have been trying to acquire this plush ever since I started to collect in March. For some reason I just never bought her but I have her now! She is very soft and minky and I love her pokepuff she is resting on!
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