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Eeveetastic Gets & New Side Collection!

Hi all :D

I'm supposed to be studying, but I've been waiting for a while to make this post. I wanted to post earlier, but I've been really tired the last few days and preoccupied finishing my internship and family things. But that's all done (besides studying), and it's time for a big ol' gets post! I took these pictures after all of the packages that I've been waiting for arrived. I have a few more really exciting things that should be here soon, too. Everything here is was bought from the early spring until now.

Please pardon the weird lighting and be prepared! This post is very image heavy!

Let's start with some new plush!

Mexican Coin Purse Plush!
I really wanted Flareon. Because my middleman goofed and didn't place my order, I found a lot and ended up getting two. They're all so derpy especially Dragonite.

Pokemon Center & San-ei Plush!
Flareon and Vulpix are so soft, and the Easter Pikas are so cute. One is going to be my briefcase buddy. I'm really behind with some the new releases. These guys are just the start of me getting caught up on a long road :')

New Eevee Pokedolls & Pokedoll Mascot Plush!
These guys are so much bigger than the previous years. I like the new design and tag art, and I'm happy that they don't face much.

Old Eevee Plush!
On the left is a pair of Eevee Earmuffs, and on the right is a fuzzy Eevee Applause Plush, who came from a trade. Thank you rockruffer for trading with me ^o^

New Eevee Plush!
These guys arrived after I took all my other photos. The Okinawan Eevee are so soft and fluffy <3 I need to clear some room, but I have the perfect spot for them.

Eevee Figures!
From left to right: Eevee Beggy Keychain, Grabby Figure, Silver Keshimon, DittoVee, Sign Figure, and Motion Galary Figure. I don't know much about Keshimon, but it's really tiny >< I was really happy to find the Grabby figure mint in its capsule.

More Eevee Figures!
From left to right: Eevee Meji Dome Figure, In-Case Cooking Figure, Clear Puchi Chara Figure, Clear Tomy, Eevee Roller Stamp Figure, and Mega Construx. The Mega Construx Eevee looks so goofy, but was really fun to put together, and the Roller Stamp Figure has the Gen. 1 Vees on the stamp.

Eeveelution Figures!
The Dittolutions are so cute. Flareon and Jolteon are my favorites. The Espeon Friends Figure is so elegant, and was part of a trade with reiadarkim. Thank you so much for trading with me ^w^

Eevee Badges, Charms, Straps, & Tins!
From left to right: Eevee Colorful Collection Can Badge, Figure Charm, Pop Can Badge, Colorful Collection Pin, Big Can Badge, Pokeball Charm, Tomy Key Keychain, Alola Pin, Plush Face Badge, Easter Tin, Pop Rubber Strap, Waza Museum Keychain, & Pokedoll Memo Tin. I finally found the Tomy Keychain, Figure Charm and the Pokeball Charm. The Pokeball Charm was a great find on eBay.

Eeveelution Badges, Charms, & a Strap!
The Big Can Badges, like their names suggests, are really big. The Sylveon Nagoya Strap is really cute, and I'm happy to found it since I could never find the badge.

Eeveelution Pokedoll Pins!
These are all really cute <3 The packaging makes them even cuter!

Eeveelution Colorful Collection Pins!
These pins are my favorite from the promo. I wasn't a fan of the can badges, but the pins are pretty and heavy.

Miscellaneous Eevee Things!
I forgot about these and they didn't really fit with anything else. The SARASA pens are really nice, and I can see why they sold out in February. In the center is an Eevee papercraft that I have no idea how to put together ;n;

Eeveelution Flats!
The running Eevee is an iron-sticker, and next to it is an Eevee lenticular, which is disorientating o.O The Pokedoll tag was made by hawlucha. It's absolutely perfect for my Eevee Plushplush!

More Eeveelution Flats!
Besides the three colorful Eeveelution stickers, which are beautiful, everything arrived this past week. The big dopey Koffing postcard makes me happy <) The JapanLA sticker is one of my favorites out of the bunch.

Eeveelution Postcards!
Surpisingly, the big Eevee is a postcard; it's from the Pokemon with You series. The Pokemon Center's postcards have been really pretty this year. The monthly postcards are a continuing scene if you line them up.

Pokemon Collection Ichiban Kuji Cutouts!
These are from the last lottery. I really wanted Eevee, and I thought I was only getting the Eevee cut-out until I received my invoice ;-; I received the whole store display...

I LOVE EIEVUI Eeveelution Cutouts!
I love these. These have be used in the machines since they're some glue on the back. I hope I can find some of the other Eeveelutuons. I've never seen Flareon, Jolteon, or Sylveon, but they're out there somewhere (^ v^)9

Between these and the ones above, these are my favorite cutouts. I don't know which release these are from, besides the 86cm Eevee, but I'm guessing they're from one of the earlier ones.

I LOVE EIEVUI Poster 2013!
I may be off on the year, but this poster is from one of the first I LOVE EIEVUI releases. I really like these posters. I hope I can find some of the other Banpresto posters.

I LOVE EIEVUI 2013 Poster!
This poster is from the following release. It's basically the same as the previous one, but the background color is different.

I LOVE EIEVUI 2017 Poster!
This is my favorite poster from the promotions. I love the stained glass theme. Banpresto stepped up its game and made this year's so pretty.

Eevee Anniversary Poster!
I love the different facial expressions for the Eeveelutions. The poster is made of plastic and is decently sturdy.

Eevee Z-Move Tote Bag & Sylveon Drawstring Bag!
The Z-Move Tote has the same theme as the poster. I don't know much about the Sylveon Drawstring Bag. It's fairly big and is made of a lightweight material.

Eevee Necklace & Accessory Ring!
The necklace is really pretty, but I'm afraid to wear it and break the chain. I finally found this Eevee ring. I'm not sure what promotion it's from, but I thinks it's from 2003-05. There's also some hairclips that go with it.

Eevee Colorful Collection T-Shirt!
The sizing was a bit different than I thought it would be. I bought a small, and it's still a bit big. The motif is nice, but it's a little stiff.

A Dainty Tea Cup & a Espeon Coffe Mug!
This is, by far, the prettiest tea cup I'll ever own. Although the silver inlay looks like its tarnishing, the details are amazing. It's very dainty and lightweight. The Espeon Mug, on the otherhand, is very sturdy.

Thank you so much to all the community member that I've bought from!! I can't remember everyone's names to pair them with the items, but thank you for helping me expand my collection ^o^

And now onto my new collection!

I mainly collect Eevee/Eeveelutions and Pikachu has turned into my main side collection. I've thought about it for a little while, and my tag may have spoiled it, but I've decided to start collecting Bell Plush!

Here is my current collection:

I never thought I would start collecting Bell Plush. They're pretty rare, and some can be really costly. I started with Eevee. Later on, when I was searching on Yahoo Japan, I found a bell plush lot that had Jolteon and Flareon. After that, I had 34, and when I found Vaporeon, I had 35.
It was an unintentional collection. After Vaporeon, I figured that I might as well try to find the last 15. I currenlty have 39 out of 49. Even though I've decided to collect them without their boxes, it's going to take a lot of time to complete the set.

These are my newest additions:

Scyther, Poliwag, Hitmonchan, and Zapdos!
I bought Scyther by himself, and the others came in another lot. Poliwag is my favorite out of these four ^^

The lot that I had Hitmonchan, Poliwag, and Zapdos also had some ones that I already have. These are my extras:

They're all in good condition for being so old. I really like these plush, but I don't really need duplicates ^^; I'll probably be putting these up for trade in the next few days.

That's all for now! (^o^)

Thank you for looking! And thank you so much to all the members who have helped me find these items!
Until next time!
(^・v・)ノ” kuro
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