tsuiling (tsuiling) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Old items

Have you guys ever found stuff in your collection you don't remember getting? Well, I've been finding a lot of stuff, and the sad part is that I know this isn't all of it.

Why are there two different versions of Marill? Are they actually the same thing but they boxed it differently later??

This picture looks fuzzy even to me, but the left is a Pikachu ring watch. Huh??? I was surprised when I found it. Then there is the old Hasbro Ivysaur beanie, I think its by itself because I haven't boxed it with the rest of thee beanies. And the last item is this Mew bouncy ball, which I know I have the Pikachu version of.

:O These are unopened Ban Dai grocery store toys/candy. I think I am afraid to see the candy.

I also have those old Hasbro figures but they are hard to take out right now. I need to find some time and space to take it all out to sort and organize because these were found loose all over the place.


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