Ginger Bean (fox7xd) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Ginger Bean

Special Sales Offer

Hello again! Just like the title says, my shop is open again with a special sale going on. See under the cut for more details ->

My shop will be open for 2 weeks before I'll be heading to DragonCon this year, so time to offer some special sales!
All orders $50 or more, get $20 off (before shipping and PP fees)
All orders $100 or more, get $40 off (before shipping and PP fees)

*Be aware that items are shipped on Thursdays and Fridays
*additional rules are listed in the shops
- received permission to sell on Wednesday, October 4, 2012 from rachelled
- my feedback ~

and this includes items combined from my non-pokemon sales as well -> For non-pokemon sales click here

or click here if image doesn't work -> Fox's PKMN Shop

Thanks for looking everyone! And have a wonderful day ^u^/

Tags: figures, plush, sales

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