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Just A Quick Authentic Versus "Bootleg" Cosmog PC Plush Comparison!

Hey guys! Today I just felt like doing a quick comparison on two Cosmog plushies I bought- one of which is the authentic Japanese PC plush and one I bought from one of those bootleg sellers that you see a vast variety of on Ebay. This post will be for both people who are just curious of the quality of some of the bootleg plush you can find online for deep discounts and to educate new collectors on the signs of bootleg plush and what to look for if you suspect you may have accidentally purchased a non-authentic product. I know many collectors condone having bootleg items in their collection, but I personally think it can be alright if you support the original release or purchase plush that are not "replicating" any offical releases that may be out there. It is a personal choice and this post is not meant to condone nor support bootlegs in any way. Always try to support the orginal release! :D With all that out of the way I bring to you the comparisons!!

Bootleg is on the left and the official release is on the right:

I want to point out that the bootleg's hang tag is much lighter and less shiny than the official plush. I know it is hard to see in this picture, but the official plush's tag is very shiny with high quality ink where as the bootleg looks more "washed out".

Bootleg: Left
Official: Right

Overall appearance: bootleg has more sloppy stitching and  and more pronounced "scrunching" to create its body, where as the real release is smooth and uniform.

Back: spoltchy patches of color on the bootleg and the coloring is not as saturated

Bootleg has sloopy rings- not very straight where as the official is stitched very nicely. You can also see how lumpy the body of the bootleg is...
Bootleg: lumpy and mishapened star ears... the color of these are much lighter as well and they flop more... aren't as stiff as the official release
The bootleg's stiching in the face isn't as flawless as the official release either. You can see how more mishapened all the stitching is.

Here is a huge giveaway- look at the obvious differences in this picture. The bootleg looks like it has grapes all over it :p it's way more pronounced than the smoothness of the stitching on the official one.

This one made me laugh a bit- the bootleg plush has the year "2014" on it... Cosmog wasn't even a Pokemon until 2016. Notice the difference in the coloring of the tags as well.
Finally the bootleg was made in China as we might have guessed, where as the official was actually made in the Phillipines, which I probably wouldn't have known until I compared these tags!! Funny!

Thanks every one for taking the time to look at this post! I hope it has helped you guys with identifying bootlegs and deciding whether or not you'd want to purchase one! :D
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