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Otakon Gets and Collection Update!

This year I attended my first convention ever, Otakon! It was great! There were lots of fabulous costumes and I really enjoyed browsing the Dealer's Room and attending the panels. I also got to see some amazing art in the Artists' Alley!

Anyways, this outing gave me the perfect opportunity to do a quick update on my collection. It has grown a lot since I last posted pictures, which was when I joined this site a few months ago! It'll grow a lot more as the months continue, now that I finally have my finances somewhat figured out :P (I still need a job...sigh)

So, I'll be posting more updates as I move and get settled into college, but for now, I'll post some quick get pics.

First, I got my hands on the 2016 Banpresto Charizard UFO :) He's super huggable and cute and he always looks very happy and determined up on my shelf <3

My second get from the con was this marvelous handmade fleece Popplio hat made by a store called Athena's Wink!

Last, but certainly not least is what I consider to be my most impressive get from the convention...A used (but in good condition and with manual, casing, etc.) japanese copy of Pokemon Crystal!!!


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