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Trades + Collection Weeding Part 2: Flats Auctions & Sales!

Hi all ^u^

My summer is quickly coming to an end, so it's time for Part 2 of my collection weeding! Today, I have some things up for trade and some flat items up for sale and auction. This is a fairly short auction, so please check it out and get your bids in!

The auction will end Saturday, August 19, at 10:00 PM EST/Detroit Time.
Countdown Timer: >here<


no titleSales Permission granted on 17 Dec. 2015, by areica96.
My Feedback can be found here.

All PKMNCollectors' rules apply.
I will NOT sell to banned or non-members.
As the seller, I reserve the right to refuse a transaction if I do not feel comfortable conducting business with a particular buyer. Please do not be offended if I refuse.
Do NOT edit or delete comments.
Be clear if you are committing. Commitment takes priority, and a quote does not equal a commitment.
I will hold items only if you are committed. Holds will last for five (5) days.
Haggling within reason and trades are accepted. I will accept trades for items on my Wish List. However, please do not be offended if I refuse an offer.
Negative feedback may be left for rescinding a sale or for non-payment of a sale.
Positive feedback will be left upon request or after feedback has been left for me.
Allergy warning: I have 2 cats and a dog (Shiba Inu), and there is a smoker in my household. The smoke is outside and well away from my things, but there may be a stray pet hair since they can sneak past me. All items are inspected before being sent.

Prices are in USD.
Prices do not include shipping or Paypal fees unless specified.
Payment through Paypal only.
Payment must be sent within 24 hours unless there is a prior agreement. If payment is not received within 24 hours, a friendly reminder will be left, and payment must be sent within 12 hours of the reminder.
Please include your username, item(s) purchased, and address in the note.
Payment plans can be formed when needed.

I ship from Michigan.
I will NOT ship flats and non-flats together.
I ship internationally. International shipping begins at $13.50, but shipping to Canada begins at $9.50.
If the shipping cost is less than what was quoted, I will refund the difference.
The default shipping method is First Class US Mail, which includes tracking. If you would like insurance or a different shipping method, please let me know.
All items will be shipped on Saturday due to my schedule.
I will inform you when your item(s) has shipped or of any delays (i.e. bad weather, car troubles, etc.).
I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages once they have left my possession.

Please bid in increments of $1.00.
If you bid on the wrong thread, please let me know, so I can correct it.
The Auto-Extension Rule is in effect:
-If a bid is placed in the last five minutes of the auction, the bidding will be extended an extra five minutes until no other bids have been placed.
-Here's an example of the rule in effect: The auction ends at 10:00 PM. Abra places a bid at 9:56 PM; the auction now ends at 10:05 PM unless another bid is placed. Zubat then places a bid at 10:01 PM; now, the auction will end at 10:06 PM.
The auction will end Saturday, August 19 at 10:00 PM EST/Detroit Time.
Countdown timer: >here<

✦ Please be respectable and reasonable when offering to trade!
By placing a bid, it means that you have read and understood my rules. You do not have to place the magic word in your comment for an auction, because placing a bid is the equivalient of adding the magic word.
For straight sales, if you have read and understood my rules, please include the magic word featured below somewhere in your comment. This word signifies that you have read and understood my rules. If you forget the magic word, I will inform you that it is missing, and you will have six (6) hours from my comment to reply with that word; when that time period has elapsed, I will inform you of the time lapse, and the item will pass to the next person in queue.

Today's magic word is . . . C'mon!


Before putting these up for sale, I'd like to try and see if anyone would like to trade :)

-Bell Plush (Trades Closed)
All of these guys are up for trade. For their age, they're in good condition. I had to glue a wing back on both Pidgeys when they arrived. The strings are a little stretched on some. EDIT: A trade for Zapdos is pending!
I'd like to trade them for the ones that I'm missing. These are the ones I'm missing:
Moltres & Machop
eevee pokeball figure.jpg
Charmeleon & Electabuzz (trade pending)
flareon greatball figure.jpg
Venusaur, Charizard, Meowth, Poliwrath, Slowbro, & Kabutops

-Alolan Raichu with You Metal Charm
I'd like to trade for the Glaceon with You Metal Charm.
-Pokemon Time Umbreon Free-Size Shirt
I'd like to trade this one for the Eevee Shirt.

If anyone would like to trade, please let me know!


"VS" Cards - $2 each
Available: Primal Kyogre, Mega Altaria, Mega Charizard X, & Hawlucha.


(pictures below v.v)
Pokemon with You Postcards - Each start at $6
These are from 2013 and are decently big. All postcards are in good condition. Some have some minor creases/dings. If you would like to see more picture, please let me know!

Magikarp & Snivy (backs)

Mewtwo & Victini (backs)

Deoxys (back)

Eevee Illustrated Guide - Starts at $5
Here are pictures of the inside and back: Inside & Back
Eevee Colorful Collection Postcard - Starts at $4
This postcard was given out to customers who showed their PokemonCenter-Online account in-store at the Pokemon Center in May.

Pokemon Collection Ichiban Kuji (Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows) TCG Display Pieces - Starts at $3
These cut-outs were part of the kuji display. They were a little side piece advertising the TCG.

TCG Bundles:
These bundles contain my extra TCG booster pack pulls. Besides Pokemon, there are some Trainer and Energy cards. The number of cards in each bundle is indicated in parenthesis. Please be aware that there are duplicates (Pokemon and/or card art) within each stack.
Sun & Moon: Burning Shadows (32) - Starts at $3
Sun & Moon: Guardians Rising (40) - Starts at $4
Sun & Moon (92) - Starts at $7
Evolutions (44) - Starts at $4

That's it for this round of sales/auctions!


Feel free to check out my Sales Page! You can either click on my temporary banner or the link below to my sales, but please be aware, I will only combine flat items from my sales with these auctions! If you're willing to wait, I will hold any non-flat items until my figure/plush auctions.
new banner test3.jpg

Also, feel free to check out my Claims Booth, while you're at the Main Page. I still need claims for the Stained Glass Keychains, and I've added some new things. Here's a little preview of what has been added:

Thank you for taking a look! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Best of luck ✧*:・゚*\(^ v ^)/*:・゚✧
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