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FINAL REDUCTIONS! Need These Lots GONE! Rare Nidoran line & Ekans line merch included!

Hi guys! Me again! ^^;

I've done some final reductions of my side collection sales which include Nidoran M&F, Nidorina, Nidorino, Nidoqueen, Ekans & Arbok!

I've bundled these lots into specific Pokemon species bundles and done some huge deals on entire lots that include some very rare and unusual items! We're talking Zukan, Tomys, Clear Kids, the works!

Better yet? Buy an entire lot and you'll get all the flat merch I can find stashed away in my little flats envelopes for that Pokémon absolutely free!

These lots are a great way to further bolster your collections, start new collections or even just bulk out your own sales pages with some pretty neat items!

These are the last reductions I'll be doing on these lots before I go down the nasty eBay route which will force me to raises the prices again to accomodate their fees, so this may be your last chance to get these fantastic items at such incredible prices!

As always, a little sales preview!

Thanks for looking guys and I hope someone here can give these guys a wonderful new home! ^_^
Tags: 1st gen, arbok, ekans, grail, kids, lots, magikarp, nidoqueen, nidoran, nidorina, nidorino, offers, plush, pokemon, pokemon center, sales, tomy, vulpix, zukan

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