fdarkly (fdarkly) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sales reminder + shiny Eevee Pokemon Dolls for pre-order

Here's a sales reminder: I've reduced prices on most of the unsold items from my previous sales, and added Umbreon jumbo TCG card, coin and pin, and also a Mega Lucario jumbo TCG card.
Click HERE or the picture to go!

And also I have a newly finished shiny Eevee 2017 Pokedoll (or called Pokemon Dolls) available for pre-order!

Check out more pictures under the cut:

So the Eevee is made of extra soft minky with embroidery details of the face and tail, and with a paper tag I made.
It's a pre-order, which means it'll take 1-2 weeks for every order to be processed. I'll start working on your order after I receive payment.

Eevee will be $170 shipped in the US (if you're outside US, please ask for a quote.)
Tags: custom, eevee, lucario, pokedoll, sales, umbreon

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