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Auction Reminder + TRU Leafeon

Hi everyone!

Jut a little reminder for my auctions. My auctions end at 10:00 PM EST/Detroit time on August 19. There's a little less than 24 hours left, and almost all items are at their starting bid.

To be transported to the auction, you can either click on the preview image or the link below:

Also, a little reminder of my sales and claims. I still need a few more claims for each set, and this is my last sales reminder for old stock. I'll be doing the last part of my collection weeding soon, so feel free to check it out before then! To be transported to my Main Sales Page you can click on my banner or the following link, and to be transported to my claims, you can click on the following image and link below:
new banner test3.jpg
Sales -
Claims -

Also, I saw that TRU's website updated with this month's exclusive Eeveelution. This month's is Leafeon! I don't know why they skipped over Espeon, but Leafeon is adorable. The link to for Leafeon is below.
EDIT: I think TRU removed Leafeon since the link isn't working :(

Until next time, have a great weekend!
(^w^)/" kuro

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