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★☆ July/August gets + I made more clay figures! ☆★

Hello collectors! I got another load of pokemon stuff over the past two months and I thought I'd write about them today! Items are courtesy of Yahoo! Auctions, AmiAmi and the Pokemon Japanese online store!

I was very excited for some of these items so let's get right into it!

First up are what I got from the Pokemon store!

The last two Eeveelution Pokemon Dolls I ordered! I originally only wanted Vaporeon and Sylveon but now I have six out of the nine in total. How did I get here omg Very cute, no regrets except I have no space for them at all.

Mimikyu Pokemon Dolls! They're pretty cute and I bought two cos I adore Mimikyu. They're very top heavy, one of mine keeps toppling over but the other one is fine if I balance her correctly.

And here they are with the PokeCen Plush! I think I prefer the PokeCen plush more than the dolls this time.

Plush mascots! They are kind of a hit or miss IMO but luckily these guys came out very cute! I think the Nebbie/Cosmog mascot is near perfect! No big Nebbie to compare to lol They're very squishy. But I do have Alolanchu Pokemon Doll to compare the mascot one to!

Obviously the mascot has less detail for example in the ear swirlies and paws but its still so smol and cute. Must protec.

I also got Mimikyu, Goomy and Pikachu rubber straps from the Pokemon POP! line from a group split I hosted outside of PKMNCollectors.

And now on to the one Pokemon-related thing I got from AmiAmi! Cos I get a lot of stuff from them lol.

The Primarina MonColle figure! It's pretty nice but not the nicest MonColle I've gotten, it's a bit smaller than I thought.

It also comes in the unecessarily giant box they used for Alolan Raichu's MonColle. But at least this time it has a nice backdrop.

And now moving onto what I got from Yahoo! Auctions! I got a lot of great things this time for awesome prices!

First up! This Pika! Matsuri Raichu acrylic charm! I did try splitting a box before but a lot of people had great tastes and just wanted Raichu like me or Jirachi, so it made splitting impossible. I was very lucky to find this one for $2.

Some Kuji plush! I only wanted the kutsurogi Vaporeon but it was bundled with this Ampharos for cheaper than Vaporeon alone on other sites so I thought what the heck why not. I love how stumpy her legs are!

POKEDOLLS! I low-key wanted Duskull, and Buizel was just a really good find. When I'm not buying other things, I buy more Raichu Pokedoll for my army so I had to adopt this lil guy.

I named him Merlot and here he is with his siblings Camembert and Brie.

And finally, the best thing evarrrrrrr...

KARPS! The shiny one I call Nugget. I haven't decided on a name for the pokedoll yet since I have so many names from playing Magikarp Jump.

Very tempted to call him Karpdashian cos of his lips but my family said they would disown me if I did.

And lastly, I wanted to show what I've been making lately!

Pokedoll figures! I know they've been done many times before but these are my take on them. Critic is welcome!

Thanks for reading!
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