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First Raichu Collection Update Since... 1,5 years?!

Whoa whoa, it looks like my last proper collection update was in December 2015! Since then, I've travelled to Japan again, hunted for jobs (successfully, yay!) and been super busy with other things. Apologies for my inactivity, this is still an awesome community!

For all you new members... First and foremost, welcome and nice to meet you! ^^ I'm raichu_saana, a Raichu fan from Finland with a soft spot for canine Pokémon as well as Chikorita and Bayleef. I've been a member since 2007 and I have a small Pokémon shop, too.

Thank you for everybody in the community who helped me to find these cuties!

Please click the pictures to see bigger versions of them.

Raichu line cookie jar with several other cute 'mon as well. All three stacked parts are removable and work as separate tiny jars!

This is what the cookies looked like. Of course, I ate them already. :3

Pokémon Market cup. I like the colour very much!

Sepia graffiti soup mug which I use as a coffee mug almost daily (after quite a long pondering I bought two of these).

Pokémon Market plate.

Pokémon Market lunch box. I'm actually quite tempted to use it at work for lunch. xD

TCG cards: Ex Team Magma vs. Team Aqua reverse holo, Generations and Pokekyun Collection (1st edition, Japanese).

TCG cards: XY Evolutions (normal, reverse holo and in German).

Japanese TCG cards: Shining Legends GX holo, Hau trainer promo and Light-Consuming Darkness rare.

TCG cards(non-holo and holo Alolan Raichu from the SM Trainer Kit) and a Bandai trading card.

A couple of Japanese postcards.

XY Evolutions booster pack, Ippai Collection ad and a coin from the Alolan Raichu SM Trainer Kit.

Alolan Raichu SM Trainer Kit things: the packaging, quick start guide and the guide booklet.

A playmat from the same kit.

European TCG championships pin and a deck packaging from the Alolan Raichu kit.

Pokémon With You keychain and a SM playing card.

Matsuri series stickers, keychain and a packaging for the acrylic keychain packaging (I didn't get the acrylic keychain itself yet xD). Oh, and I included the Kuttari keychain in the same photo.

Matsuri postcards. One of them has Raichu on the other side, too!

Matsuri memopad. Lots of Raichu cuteness inside as well.

Pokémon Center and Banpresto Alolan Raichu plushie pals.

Pokémon Center Raichu and an empty hand lotion tube that happened to be next to it.

I Love Pikachu + pass case. I find the head without a body still a bit disturbing. xD

I Love Pikachu + cushion. The expression is cute, but I repeat my comment from above.

Two 'Raichu sausages'! :D I Love Pikachu + and Kororin Friends one.

Last but not least: cute custom things I got from an art alley at a Finnish anime convention.

As always, feel free to ask me if you have any questions about particular items! ^^

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