Allison (thenovern) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Card Collection

I know I shared with all of you my collection, but in the pictures I only had my binder open to two pages for my cards. I didn't feel like taking them all out to display... so I thought I'd make a separate post for them for anyone interested in seeing them! There's about 750 of them.

Again, I mainly only know my JAKKS stuff, therefore I know nothing about these cards, so feel free to tell me stuff about them if you'd like! I only collected cards for the art, so they've been sitting in this binder ever since I opened them up from their packaging. There's a few used cards in there that I got from yard sales though. (Also I'm pretty sure about 1/3 of these are fakes. I had gotten some from a market for real cheap and someone told me so, but then again I don't know how to tell them apart.)

I separated them in this post by type and such so you're not overwhelmed with images. WARNING, this post IS image heavy! Sorry if this appears in your inbox (since cuts automatically uncut themselves)! I'd recommend viewing it on the front page of the PKMNcollectors community or deleting it if you don't want to be bombarded.

Tags: cards, pokemon

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