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Collection Weeding Sales

I have some items that I wasn't normally looking to sell, but could kind of use some money so I have decided to put them up for sale for right now.  These items can be sold on their own or combined with anything from any of my other sales posts:

Prices DO NOT include shipping. Shipping will depend on what you are buying but US Shipping starts at $3, International Shipping Starts at $13.50. Canadian shipping will be dependent on your zipcode but is usually around $9-$11 for smaller items. (Multiple Items,DX Luxray and Torchic may be a bit higher.)

Banpresto DX Luxray Plush- (TTO, Sting is missing)- $40 OBO
Medium Hasbro Torchic Plush(TTO)- $8
US Release Tomy Oshawotts (TTO)- $10 for both or $5 for frowning one, $6 for smiling one

Jakks Pacific Plush (TTO)- $3 each
SOLD: Duskull

Jakks Pacific Arceus Figure- $5 SOLD
Tomy Reshiram Figure- $5
Kygore Kid Figure- $2

From smoke free home. I do have pets- a dog and two birds. My sales information can be found at the top of this post:

Please comment here or on my main's sales post if interested in buying. Sorry to post another sales post so soon i'd just rather get this done sooner rather than later.
Tags: arceus, duskull, luxray, oshawott, reshiram, sales, snivy, tepig, torchic

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