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Sales galore! Possible trades?

Hello everyone! I don't think I have posted in the awhile, but I could be wrong and have forgotten something. I came back to the States earlier this month from Peru, where I was in the Amazon jungle for a few weeks! It was absolutely breath-taking down there, and when I cam back I realized that I didn't need so many things. I could never quit collecting, it's always been my thing, but I definitely need to slow down and even go backwards a little. So, I've done an initial purge and more are to come eventually! I'm selling about half of my Pokedolls and other odds and ends. I'll even be going through my Zoroark collection soon. Please give these cuties a loving home! Also, I am currently not open to haggling unless it says OBO because I am currently jobless.

Here's a Preview :)

Sales page-

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback

I am open to trading though! I really want the new Lycanroc action pose Tomy figures and I know there's supposed to be an Alolan Raichu Tomy plush coming out soon that I'd also love :)
Tags: axew, eevee, jolteon, keldeo, litleo, raichu, rockruff, sales, sceptile, scraggy, squirtle, victini

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