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Some Sales and Wants!

Hope everyone has been doing well! I have a couple things I'm looking to sell, and some wants.


Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 27, 2015
Here is my
PKMNCollectors feedback.

-I ship from 98125 WA, USA.
-Shipping is not included in the price. I will ship anywhere!
-Priority goes to whoever can first commit to purchase (unless otherwise noted)
-Paypal only


Buizel Pokemon Time Cushion Plush - $90
Buizel is in loved condition. Fibers are coming loose from the fabric in some spots, most notably beneath on the neck ring (which is the most obviously worn part of the plush). There are some minor dirt spots here and there that can probably be washed out. There are no major rips, tears, or stains, however. Be sure to inspect the photos below - I snapped pix of what imperfections I could find. Also - I think the lighting in the pictures makes him look worse than he actually is ^^;
No hang tag, but has the tush tag intact.

Package will weigh 3lbs 6oz, 17x13x10.5 box size. You can use this info to calc shipping for yourself, or comment with your zip code for a quote.
The plush itself is a little over 30 inches in length, including the tail.

Pokken 2P Red Lucario Figure - $30
Good condition, has a minor dirt spot on the paws.
I need to buy a box before giving out shipping quotes - if you are interested, comment and I will hold the figure until I can give an accurate quote (which will be later today).

Look Upon the Stars Acrylic Keychains
Midnight Lycanroc - $8
Lucario - $6

$3 shipping within the US; $13.50 international. Cannot be shipped as a flat.

High Priority Wants:

Legendary Beasts DX Sofubi Figures (looking to spend $50 or under on the whole set)
Absol Double Attack Action Figure

Lower Priority:

Houndour DX Sofubi Figure
Zoroark Jumbo Banpresto Sofubi - can't find a lot of info on this one, anyone know any have been circulating recently?

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