SaturnGrl (saturngrls) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Seeking a Bisharp Grail

My mission continues to find a very, literal, Holy Grail of Pokemon Figures.
Pokemon Pose Figure W: Bisharp

kirikizan Pokemon Pose W.jpgpokemonposefigure_w.jpg

As mentioned in my "Wants" post; I've been looking for this fella for years. It was only sold in Japan and is the only official Takara TOMY ARTs Bisharp figure. Funny story is, I'm not looking for him for my collection. I am looking to get him for my best friend's collection. Bisharp is her favorite Pokemon, and she has almost all the available merchandise for Bisharp; plushies, charms, and coins, and she's been sad that TOMY never released a readily available standalone figure for the fans.
I discovered this Pokemon Pose Figure W dual figure candy sets through research, and I wanted to try to find it for her as a surprise...and it turns out this is one of the RAREST TOMY Pokemon figures. My searches have found that some collectors in Live Journal did trade and sell some of the figures in the past, so I am hoping to get lucky and find one for my friend at last.

Why doesn't she go out and find one for herself, you ask? Well...she's tried, but she lacks the resources and finances that I have. Besides, she's like a sister to me, so why wouldn't I want to give her a special gift if I have the chance? Her birthday is in a few months, so I was hoping I could make it a birthday surprise if I could get lucky enough. I would love to buy or trade for one if anyone is willing. I don't have much for trading (will try to post my collection and the ones I am willing to trade as soon as possible), but it will be the best I can offer trade wise.
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