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Mysterious Charizard Merch (and long time no see!)

Hello everyone! I know it has been a very..... very long time since I have posted here. I have been browsing silently every week or so but my student teaching just has me so busy! And lack of money has be quiet on buying at the moment. I did have a question though!

I follow a lot of Japanese/Korean twitter accounts and one has posted images of two mysterious pieces of Charizard merch that I couldn't find info on for the life of me. Of course I cant read their language so I didn't know if they added a source or not but Ill post the pictures they uploaded under the cut!

The first one looks like its a Charizard Kigurumi, Im planning on making one for myself (I have before but Im making a new one that looks better) BUT if there is an official one out there Id love it!!

And the next one is some chibi Charizard plushies! They look so cute I would love to have one but again, I have no information on them.

If anyone has any info please comment with it! Im dying to know.

I'm planning on being more active again, I have a few Pokemon projects in the works (a new kigurumi, a large quilt, and a custom wagon) so keep on the look out for those! <3


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