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Sales again ^^"

Hello again lovely pokemon collectors!! ^^ I hope everyone have had amazing summers and are settling into everyday life again :) I certainly am and it feels good to work and study again :D I barely had any shifts this month though, hence the month long vacation, and I could really need a bit more money so I figured I'd try posting my sales again :) I lowered a few prices and as always I'm very open to reasonable haggling <3 ^^

And a million thanks to everyone who bought and helped me out the last time <333 I got to go on a wonderful vacation and could buy a surprise or two that will be posted here along with my full eevee collection showcase in December :) There's just something releasing/shipping then that I really want to include when I do my collection showcase~! <3 ^^ But wow I've been a member here for 5 years now! Time sure flies! And I'm getting old hahaha!
Back to the point though, I am going to leave feedback for everyone little by little <3 (rn it seems the feedback system is down?) Thank you to everyone who were so very sweet to leave feedback for me, you will be the first ones I leave feedback for <33 I truly appreciate everyone's purchases immensely and I hope that you're all LOVING your new pokemon items ^^

Also to ying1002 and latias_latios_7 your packages are going out either tonight or monday <3 Thank you SO very much for your patience!!


I received sales permission by entirelycliched 27/7/13.
My feedback can be found here

- I ship from Norway to anywhere in the world.
- Prices are in USD

- Prices for non-flat parcels (guiding as the currency rate changes):

o Small letters under 2cm can be shipped very reasonably for about 2-4 dollars on average but few items except the smallest figures and flats measure under 2 cm. This is quite reasonable so I won't list all price classes.

o Price chart for bigger  Medium sized letters (2-7 cm) and (>7 cm) :

o Packages in big cardboard boxes are much more and start at $30. Goes for all BIG plush like a lifesized plush or plush that are generally large of size. Please ask for quote.

- I can't be held responsible for lost items unless you purchase tracking as there's usually not much the PO's are willing to do with lost untracked mail. However I've never had a lost package :)

- Items come from a dog friendly home, please keep in mind if you have allergies.
- People asking for quotes will have 24 hours to reply to their quote and claim an item or the item goes on to the next person interested.
- This sales post is to raise funds but I might be open to trades for high wants, my wishlist can be found here :3
- I'll usually ship within a 1-2 weeks and I'll let everyone know once their items are shipped so you know when to expect them! :)
- I've pretty much completely run out of mailers and boxes to reuse this time so packing material will be a $0,5 extra added to all the quotes this time. Hope that's ok <3

- Customers are required to cover paypal fees.
- Some of the items might still be cross listed on ebay, which I have to give priority if the items get bids.
Please be aware that items might not be available due to human mistake.

- Since I've changed my rules I want to do the password thingy this time :) Please write "Ice cream" somewhere in your comment to let me know you've read and are ok with everything :3 If you don't write the password I won't be difficult but if you've missed the rules it's your own responsibility to catch up on things written here ;)

All plush are MWT unless something else is specified (TTO, ruined tag, dirt etc)

Eevee: $15, Espeon $20, Jolteon $22, Vaporeon $27 Sold: Leafeon

$12 each

Only Umbreon $10 and Glaceon $7 (TTO) left.

Korotto manmaru plush: $13 each (Vaporeon is TTO and $10 SOLD)

Kororin plush: Glaceon ($10) and Espeon ($12) available.

Available: Vulpix ($15), Victini ($13), Glaceon ($17), Sleeping Umbreon ($17)

Only Flareon left: $13

Berry Kuji Eevee: $35 OBO, I love Eevee: $38, Sleeping Eevee: $30

Ditto Jolteon: $20
Vaporeon 2012 Eevee collection standing plush: $20
Tomy Vaporeon plush: $18
Vaporeon 2016 sitting plush: $24

Not available: Jolteon Tomy plush, Vaporeon ditto keychain.

Espurr: $14, Sylveon $25, Fennekin $16,5, Xerneas: $32 (Japanese versions)

Charmander Allstar plush and Litten Tomy plush: $17
Fuzzy (mokomoko) Charmander/Bulbasaur: $23
Alolan Vulpix PC plush $22
Vulpix 2016 PC plush: $13 (has some loose stiches in tail that might need repair eventually, tail is somewhat loose/wobbly bc of it)
I love Mew sitting plush: $14
Swablu mascot secret base doll: $10

Sold: Tepig, Amaura

Umbreon canvas plush $70, Raichu $28

Sold: Ninetales

Pikas in disguise: $26 OBO

Sold: winking Pika

Second hand Shaymins all are TTO (except flat shamin =mip)

Big slightly loved Banpresto Shaymin plush: $12 OBO
Talky Shaymin $25
Small banpresto Shaymin $7,5
Flat Shaymin $4

Sold: Christmas Shaymin

Japanese lifesize Fennekin $50 OBO (she desperately needs a home but shipping will be from $30) (SOLD)

Pokemon dream charms left - $14 each
Snivy bed strap: $20

Others are sold.


MIP Milotic banpresto figure $55 ( Less than I paid) (SOLD)
Shaymin MIP movie keychain $30 OBO
Glaceon chupa $60 Espeon chupa $38 (SOLD)

Glaceon standing kids figure MIP $3,5
Kids figures $6
Eevee pokedoll figure x 2 (has been opened but comes with box) $5

Sold: Vaporeon pitapoke, Umbreon and Leafeon attack figure

Azelf: $2, Grotle: $1,5, Meganium (box has been opened)/Buneary: $3,5

Sold: Wailmer

Eeveelution figure straps: Jolteon/Leafeon $7, Vaporeon $8,5 (Leafeon has been carefully opened but put back in)
Tepig osaka opening bowtie strap: $9
Vulpix fire stone strap: $20
Fennekin pokedoll strap: $12
Vaporeon twinkle dream rubber strap: $5
Alola Vulpix and Pikachu keychain $3

Regular Tomy figures: $5 each (Shaymin/Pichu $2,5. A bit loved. Running Pikachu $2) Sold: Venusaur
DX Xerneas: $7, big Charmeleon $6
Whimsicott $4, sleeping ippai Mudkip $5
Victini/Pikachu set: $5 or $4 for Victini and Pika $2

Gone: Sylveon, Gardevoir, Mauwile, Dedenne, Marill ippais, sleeping Turtwig

Battle dioramas: Tepig VS. Pikachu $7.5
Clipping figures: $3 (Emolga, Pidove left)
Tepig bottle cap $4

Sold: Servine VS Scraggy Diorama, baseless Snivy waza museum figure, baseless serperior bottlecap, Serperior, Snivy, Tepig, Minccino clipping figs

Clipping figures $2,5 Sold: Pikachus, Honchcrow

Xerneas/Litleo candy figure: $4,5
Xerneas bath bomb figure: $4
Chespin: $2, Froakie $1
Piplup and Gabite palace figure (I do have their palace parts too!!): $3,5
Lapras museum figure: $2
Vaporeon rubber figure: $3
Vaporeon, Jolteon: $15 OBO

Chou gets and bell keychains $3. Eevee is $4 and Ice Arceus $2 (doesn't have correct base, grey instead of clear). Geodude: $1,5
Also have a Espeon chou get for $5!! :)
SOld: Quilava, Bayleef and Croconaw

Pencil toppers. Flygon and legendary birds $3
Dioxys and Claydoll $2
Slakoth and Vigoroth $1,5

Pikachu strap: $3.5, White Kyrem $4
Groudon mip preorder figure: $4
Dialga rolling figure: $2,5

Sold: Preorder Lugia and Arceus kaiyodo figures, Mantyke strap

Togepi talking figure $4,5
Mew DX Tomy $6
Roly poly Jirachi/Phanphy: $4, rest $3 except Pika = $2
Electrike MIP Tomy $9
Electrike and Manectric kids $3, Flareon kid $5
Groudon think chip figure and machine $4,5
Eevee green pop-up Mc Donals toys $5, pink flute with moving eevee and eeveelution stickers $7 (has a beautiful walking Sylveon on it ^^)
Vulpix European MIP Mc Donalds toy and card $10

Usable items, misc

Pokemon time "room pants" (pajama, inside use) $30 OBO
2012 eevee collection blanket $60
Eevee collection plate set $30
La maison de Eievui Umbrella $35
La maison de Eievui stamp set $37 (or $5 each if all of them are claimed)
La maison de Eievui glasses case $32
Eevee bag $22
Eevee mug and spoon $22

Sold: pokemon time sweater

Talking plush $75 (opened but only to test the voice box and hear her adorable voice)
Towel $27
Bento bag: $20 OBO
Bento boxes: $25
Bento cloth: $20
Sylveon Poke Palre pillow and cushion set $50

Sold: DS bag

Eeveelution Toyopet watches

Only Jolteon and Leafeon left: $25 each 

Aurora tour artwork pouch $22 OBO (kinda don't want to sell it but it has to go!!)
Walky Eevee stickers $6
Walky Pikachu/Eevee/Mew coaster set $5
Alola Vulpix/Ninetales sleeves $1 each
Meowth and Mareeps sleeves $0,5 each
Glaceon/Eevee tapes $4 each
Leafeon/Glaceon buttons $3,5 each (only Leafeon left)
Pokemon with you Eeveelution buttons $4 each sold: Vaporeon, Eevee
Kuji zipper pouch with Kalos starters, Fletchling, Dedenne, Snorlax and Pikachu: $3,5
Ruler set with Kalos anime crew: $2,5

Sold: Eevee notebook and pen

All Starter lines $11
Butterfree, Pidgey, Clefairy line $8,5
Gardevoir and Beautifly line (more charms) $12
Turtwig and Manaphy pokecenter charms, osaka opening charms $2
Meowstic pokedoll charms $3 each
Kuttari charms: Sylveon $4,5 SOLD, other eeveelutions $3,5, Slowpoke and Jirachi $2,5
Loose kokeshi charms $2 each

Gone: Leafeon, Sylveon, Slowpoke charms

Ponyta dog tag/Mew charms $3 each
2013 Movie charms: First row $2, second row: $1 each, third and fourth $0,5 each

Dedenne cloth $2 each ( I have like 5 Four left)
Eevee regional towel (logo of eevee eating strawberry crepe) $4
All other towels $3
Berry Kuji potpurri lavender thingy with Pikachu and Dedenne $4
Berry Kuji Raichu, Pichu and Eevee print glass $6
Diancie and Meloetta textiles: $3
Raichu glass: $9

Sold: Snorlax/Pikachu/Fennekin/Fletchling towel


Eeveelution movie and activity books

Click for bigger picture!

Only middle book left but without the stickers

Click for bigger image! :) Backside (front is a generic Genesect movie image but I bought them for eevees so :'D Forgot to take a pic ^^")  (sticker sheet not included)

Book #2 (middle) is a story book of the Genesect movie and has a beautiful Sylveon/Eevee movie short page. Comes with gorgeous stickers  <3 $20
Have one book left but doesn't come with stickers $14

Diancie/Carbink clearfile - $3
Ampharos pokemon time set - $8 (one patterened and the one you see)
Wanted!!! Espurr clearfile - $5
Christmas cleafile (has both the aurora art and the christmas tree) - $15 for the set or $10 for Aurora tour and $6 for Christmas tree
Notebook with Aurora tour artwork $20 OBO
Notebooks with 2015 (?) Christmas art $6,5 each

Click for bigger picture!

Pikazard promo cards: $1 each, stickers $2 each
Eevee JP plasma freeze cards $0,75 each (Glaceon/Umbreon holos $1.5, Eevee cards and random Leafeon $0,5)

Movie release pan stickers (pouncing Eevee, sleeping Glacey, Jumping Sylvie ) $3,5
Older eeveelution pan stickers $3 each (sidewants/profile standing Jolteon has wrong paper and is $2)
Newer artwork Eeveelution pan stickers $2

Glittery Jolteon amada $5 (old, rare)
Rest of second row $3 each ( - Jolteon = $2)
Second row amadas $2
Attack amadas + Oldschool artwork Vaporeon and Jolteon $2,5
Older artwork shiny Jolteon/flareon (standing/sitting poses) $1 each
Wafer stickers are $2 - Sylveon = $3,5

Gone: Sleeping Espeon, right Leafeon card

Thank you so much for looking ^^ Have a nice day/evening/night <3

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Recent Posts from This Community

  • Leftover sales with free shipping

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