codyniih (codyniih) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Sunkern WANT list

Hello everyone !

It's been a few years since I post in this community (mostly because of my pretty bad english haha), but I would like to share my Sunkern want list with you. This is clearly not the most popular pokemon around here so it's hard to find a lot of merchandise, sadly...
Anyway, maybe some of you have a few thing of this little fella, I'm always interrested ^^

And this is what I'm looking for in priority :

- Fuzzy figure
- Metal figure (silver version first)
- Sunkern VS Pichu card
- Dice with Togepi, Politoed, Umbreon, Sunkern & Sunflora, Pichu, Lugia
- Several Amada stickers

I hope some of you can help me !
Also, did someone know if there is officiel plush of him (not that I know) ?

Have a great day !!

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