Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I´m back! Collection update & small reintroduction!

Hello everyone! Hope you´re all doing well? :)

I was quite absent for a longer time, but I´m still alive! Do to personal stuff I had not the time and motivation to be active here and even wasn´t lurking around here (or at least not often). But now I´m back with a collection update including also my card collection I´ve never showed here! :D And a small reintroduction, look under the cut!

First a small reintroduction for everyone who don´t remember me! :)

I´m Yasmin, 28 years old and living in germany! I´m a member here since over 4 years now (omg how fast time is running!).

My main collection is my bug collection, mainly of the caterpie line, but also heracross and ledyba. I also have small collections of Pikachu/Raichu, grass-types and Pelipper - and some other stuff of Pokemon I love. These are my most favourite pokemon, but I have a lot more I love (it would be too much to list them here lol).

Other than collecting, I still enjoy playing the pokemon games (atm I´m playing soulsilver again) and drawing/painting! I love drawing pokemon and I have a lot on my deviantart, if you are curious: pikabulbachu.deviantart.com :)
And here is my rearranged pokemon collection! ^_^

My bug collection ~ They´re now all together! Before, I splitted them and had heracross and ledyba separated,
but they actually looked so poor alone, so I brought them together!

My super beautiful customs! <3 The plush is made by scragster, the big caterpie sculpture by kyreon and the little butterfree sculpture by poliwhirl <3

My Pikachu/Raichu collection ~ (on the coin is a bulbasaur though xD)

Pelipper! <3

A few grass-type pokemon <3 My favourites are the small bulbasaur plush, the big oddish figure and the tin!

My beautiful espeon pastel colored plush and Dedenne custom plush, also made by scragster ~

More plush <3

Not to forget my big wailord I´m using as a pillow lol! And the cute I-love-Raichu plush in the background!

Dedenne new year plush ~ I love how it look like a mochi! x
My TCG card collection: I picked up my favourite cards, otherwise it would be too much to post them all! x.x


Base set:

Jungle (my favourite set of all):

Fossil set:

Team Rocket:

Neo Genesis:

Neo Discovery:


Thanks all for looking and have a nice day! :D
Tags: collection update, introductions

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