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My First Handmade Pokemon Plush! + Moving Update

Hello everyone! I am happy to say I have finished sewing my first handmade plush...a Ditto! This was about the only sewing I've done in my life besides Home/Economics in 7th grade, so it's far from perfect, but certainly a start :)

This little guy is made of fleece and stuffing from an old pillow, and he's about 4 inches tall I believe. I'm definitely going to try making more plushes in the future and learn more about sewing plushes and hand sewing.

Anyways, this update is like two weeks late since I just recently moved into college! Things are going well but I had to leave almost all of my collection at home because I didn't have room to move it. I'm trying to be very frugal with my money right now, even though I have a lot of it at my disposal, so maybe no collection updates for a while. I wish everyone a happy season~!

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