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Help me find these Shinx Battrio / Tretta pogs! Pokemon Time Shinx Strap Question.

*All the pictures and info I post here is research I got from sunyshore's electric lion post, since it's has almost every Shinx product made.

Ok! So ignore the first picture, here is what I'm really looking for! I'm numbering them so if you have any findings you can refer to the picture number when you comment. (Anything not numbered / blurred out are things I already have in my collection)

#1 - Non Holo Luxray Tretta: Haven't seen any.

#2 - Holo Luxray Tretta: As of today, this one is actually in a lot sale on eBay, but I'm watching it, incase someone here has one for sale.

#3 - Guide Exclusive Black Luxray Battrio: As of today, I spoke with a seller on eBay who has one mint in package (guide with sealed coin). Wanted to ask if anyone has it before I bite. Pictures of Guide below. (Seller has 4 total, ask me for more info)

#4 - Second Black Luxray Battrio: Does anyone have any info on this one? Is this a guide exclusive one too? Sunyshore only had pictures of the one above. Haven't seen any.

#5 - Blue Luxray Battrio: Haven't seen any.

#6 - Blue Luxio Battrio: Haven't seen any.

BONUS QUESTION: I found someone selling all 12 (Sky Shaymin not shown) Pokemon time straps online (picture below). Note that these are all bind boxes and each one would need to be opened to know what's inside. I NEED THE SHINX. If I were to buy this entire lot (seriously considering) would anyone be interested in the other 11 straps? I'd be in a serious hole for buying all of these for just ONE strap. I don't have sales permission yet so this would be TRADES ONLY. Let me know in the comments below! I'm giving them each a $10 value.

Also! Buyer's plug: I'm looking for ANY AND ALL Shinx, Luxio, and Luxray merch for sale or trade! Do I have what you have? Probably. But send me links anyway! XD I might want it afterall.

Thanks for the help everyone!


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