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Grail get + Pokebox update + Want reminder <3

Hello everyone! I want to share an awesome grail I received in the mail the other day with you! Here's a little preview. <3


Isn't she beautiful!! I've been pining over this card for a very long time and I'm so excited to finally own a copy! Shining Ponyta from Advent of Arceus. Look at her sparkle!

I managed to nab it from I was worried because they don't post condition and can't guarantee that it won't be played but I took a risk for an incredibly low price and am really impressed! This little scuff on the bottom corner of the card is the only blight. I'd love to get one that's mint as well but I'm very happy with this for now. I also didn't know it was going to be first edition (and I actually only noticed it is right before making this post, haha)! I definitely recommend this site if you are willing to take a risk on the condition of the card. Shipping was a great price and they also threw in a bonus Japanese booster pack even though I only bought the single card. c:


I don't want to keep her locked up in a binder so I'm displaying her on my figure and TCG shelf. If anyone has the regular Ponyta from the same set (Japanese only) in near mint to mint condition I'd be really keen to take it off your hands so they can frolick together. <3

I haven't seen anyone mention it here yet so I thought I'd just let you know (if you didn't already) that Pokebox updated with brand new items, including the most adorable Noibat and Lopunny plushies I've ever seen! They also made a Braixen but it has already sold out. I don't want anyone who loves either Noibat or Lopunny to miss out on these perfect cuties. <3  I ended up buying Noibat for myself and Lopunny for a friend, I'm super excited for those to arrive. c:

Also, just a quick reminder that I'm still looking for a MWT Pokemon Time Buizel plush! I'm in Australia so if it's possible to send it straight to me without a middleman I'd really appreciate it (shipping costs are such a killer) but someone super duper lovely has offered to be an American middleman if worse comes to worse. Please let me know if you're wanting to send on a floating orange cutie onto a new and loving home! <3

Hope you have a good week! C:

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