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Box or no box, that is the question

Hi everyone!

I recently got ahold of the TOMY Arcanine plush for my fire pup collection and I absolutely love him! However, I've been getting ready for my anniversary post (I'll be posting it really soon!!) and have therefore been preparing my pups for a photo shoot! But, Arcanine doesn't fit right with the others when I try to set them up because his box is too bulky.

Now comes the question, do I take him out of the box, or do I leave him in the box so he's still mint?
I need your help, guys, I'm having a mini war with myself over this xD

(Not my photo, it was just to give you all an idea of what the box looks like :3)

Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out for my anniversary post, it should be up in a few days! :)
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