Rachel the Team Magma Grunt (latias_latios_7) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rachel the Team Magma Grunt

Sales Update and Reminder

Hi guys, I have some new sales and old sales with lowered prices :)


First off, I'm lowering the price of my serenitysama Espeon pouch/coin purse to 30 OBO. Don't be afraid to make an offer!

I have some new items here -

Latias and Latios patches - 6 each, or 10 together
Giant GX's - 4 each
Notebook - 8 (also shown down below)
Umbreon/Espeon pin - 3
Coins - 1 dollar each, but I'd prefer to trade for coins I don't have!
Incineroar deck box - 2

More pins -

1st row - 2 dollars each
2nd row - 1.5 dollars each
3rd row - 1 dollar each
4th row - .50 cents each

5th row (non-pokemon pins) - one free with purchase! Please get these out of my house lol. Most have been here since middle school :')

Gone - Reshiram, Flareon (2nd row), Suicune, Rin/Len



May bandana - 6


32 Pikachu card sleeve - 8
Individual (min purchase 3$) - 1 each


Tins (Pikachu sold)- 4 each


3DS case (Xerneas on opposite side and missing zipper) - 4
Notebook - 8
Jumbo Umbreon GX - 4


Necrozma set - 5


20th anniversary set - 6

blastoise box.jpg

Blastoise box - 6


100 card lot, including rare, holo, and reverse holo cards - 10
(No doubles will be included, should all be legit but may have 1-2 fakes from human error)

PERLER SALES HERE: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PokePerlerPalace

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched 19 Feb 2013
Minimum purchase is 3 dollars


I'm also looking to trade my Sylveon EX. It's in mint condition.

My birthday is coming up and I'm on the lookout for Pyukumuku merch! Let me know if you're selling :)


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