kiralikespkmn (kiralikespkmn) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for a somewhat rare plush

I was thinking about my fav pokeymans earlier and I remembered how cool Zygarde 100% is.
Then I remembered that once upon a time there was a Perfect Zygarde plush. It was made by Banpresto and released after the Magearna movie, then it disappeared into the void.
Ya boi ZygardeCollapse )
(Picture is from Pokevault)
No one is selling it, not even anyone on Amazon. It's not on Banpresto's website either. It has been for sale on Ebay before, in fact it has bootlegs which are thankfully discernible from the actual product.
So I was just wondering, do any of you own and/or want to sell this plush? Or do you know anyone who is selling it?
Most likely I will not be buying anything right now. I just moved into college and I have to eat food in order to live, and food costs money.
I just hope SOMEONE can help me find this plush. Thanks. c:
Tags: banpresto, plush, zygarde

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