pegasus2010 (pegasus2010) wrote in pkmncollectors,

They are HERE! Payment 3 for Small & Medium Size Card Binders GA

They are finally here! The binders come in a condition much better then I expect them to be. Most of them are in near mint to mint condition with just a little bit of stains which can be wiped out. Some are with a few scratches but they only become noticeable when you watch closely under the light. They look pristine and gorgeous to me, TBH. I actually take a few pictures because it is very sad to say farewell to these awesome binders. lol

You can PM me or send me through PayPal email your shipping address. I just want to double check it with your PayPal address before shipping them out in case of any differences. All the binders have been packaged so they are ready to go after final payment received.

If you find everything is correct and do not need me to double check. Here is the link to the spreadsheet for Payment 3.

At the very end of this GA, please allow me to give my huge thanks to everyone who participated. You are wonderful!
Tags: group auction, payment, tcg

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