The Collector (coleccionista12) wrote in pkmncollectors,
The Collector

I Finally found my Grail!

Hello everyone! I hope each of you had a fun and safe Halloween.
I am here to share my joy with all of you. After years of searching and constantly checking all sites in hopes of finding it, I finally found one of my grails...

That's right! it is the European Bandai Figure of Sceptile.
I was a little concerned at first as the packaging showed what I can assume its Japanese text, and i thought it might be a bootleg as the cardboard was missing and I couldn't find the Bandai logo anywhere. After speaking with the seller, he sent me a picture of the text under the figure and it was legit. I'm so happy I finally have this figure to complete my Hoenn starters evolution line. I found Blaziken thanks to one of the members in the community who was so kind to sell it to me, and the rest in Ebay.

Thanks for looking!

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