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Very Unexpected Get....

Lets just cut to the chase. Click the cut to open this big lavishing box on my porch (ignore the dead mannequin lmao)

Excitement may have made this photostory a tad short...



Yup that's exactly what you think that is...

I know selfies are frowned upon here but I think there can be an exception for this lovely addition.

Yes, this is the elusive 2001 Pokemon Center Tomy Lugia Giant. He is sadly missing Pikachu upon his back. but nonetheless, he is still a giant, which I never thought in a million years I would own. I won't disclose where I got him or what I paid, but I will tell you I am a poor college student that has no interest in payment plans.

There really isn't much known about this giant. When I was creating my PCNY website, I never saw any images that showed Lugia. I saw all three dogs, T-tar, Lapras, Snorlax, and other plush--- but no Lugia. I know he was released in Japan as well, both of which did have a Pikachu upon his neck. I don't know if he was a special release to the Pokemon 2000 Film? Who knows. If anyone has any info let me know!

He has some love, but I plan on doing some spot cleaning on him, if anyone has any good recomendations for the type of fabric he is drop a comment-- he's made of the same material as the older 1:1 plush are like the Johto starters. I would like to get a tag made for him as well, so if anyone has a tag they could scan for me I would be grateful!

So yeah, I got two super rate things in a month's span-- the Magical Clock and a Giant. Good way to end a dry spell I suppose; I haven't added to my main collection in almost two years. My Pokedoll want list has not been worked on haha.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Have a great week!

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