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Recent gets and whatnot

Hello beautiful people :-3 I hope you had a good halloween yesterday if you celebrate it. If not, I hope you had a good tuesday I guess haha :-P

Today I wanna show off some recent gets of mine (lugia pokedoll grail finally!), and ask a few questions in regards to some of the things. Super large images under the cut cause im too lazy to resize pics from my phone T-T haha

First up! the most beautiful aerodayctl plush ever! :3 hehe. super cutie! I got him from aarux, it feels like he has a very strong sentimental value. It's the first custom plush I own that I or my sister didn't make ourselves. Gosh!!! People have really good skills. Like, I really don't know if I could ever make a plush look this good. I just dig it so much.

Now... I got a Crocona TFG off of ebay. does anyone have a confirmed authentic one to tell me if mine is a bootleg or not? I suppose the strong line in the middle of the mold made me suspicious. I'm sure you guys noticed that there's actually a lot of TFC figures on ebay! I also got a suicine too, but he has a missing ribbion and I left it at my grandma's house :-p I think the quality is rather good, but I don't have any comfirmed authentic ones to compare it to.

Small squishy guys! I love them!!!! I'm talking about the cleffa, along with the other guys you'll see in the last photo. Super adorable. Does anyone know what they are called in japanese? ;w; The groudon kid isn't particularly new from what I can remember; I just thought he was a good size comparision :-3

Look at this clear slowbro kid. Doesn't it look kind of weird? at first, I thought it might be a bootleg. But I don't know if they make clear kid bootlegs? I don't really have much info about it. I looked online, and I saw it seemed compareable in color to other slowbro kids, and I think the paint job is at least similar (although it is a little sloppy in some spots, not sure if that's how the normal looking slowbro clear kid looks) Thoughts?

I think I will call him Strangebro hehe

LUGIA POKEDOLL!!! well, the 2012 version. It looks really nice! I've seen these come and go and come and go throughout the past year or two. I've been rather picky with him so it took quite a while to get him. I was looking for one with hang tag, but I do like the lack of tag too, because that makes me feel less responsibile for keeping him in good condition TvT Haha. Also, legendary bird FCS figures. Totally awesome!!! I got the whole set with these guys on ebay. It had a lot of other dudes I was looking to buy too so I actually think I got a pretty good deal than rather hunting them all individually ^w^;

Shiny marshtomp! Actually my first "real" shiny kid. Totally love the bright purple :3

oh! Another shiny dude. I got this guy in a lot on Y!J. with the rest of the full set in their original gatcha balls!!! Really a neat item. I'm going to be keeping mine mint in his packaging, which means I'll probably be looking for a non-mint one sometime in the future =n= haha.

Retsuden stamp! I got a totodile one too but I left it at my grandma's house ;T haha. One of my very limited retsuden stamps, the last one being popplio (and I have a "semi-" kind of looking one that MIGHT be a retsuden, I'm not sure, it has bulbasaur on it haha. it's a bit bigger and has a 3D texture). I hope to pick up more of my fav ones over time :=3

Oh! little magby man. He actually is the "pokemon mini" strap. He comes like a keychain sort of thing, I suppose it was sold in the Pokemon centers at one point, but I'm not sure. I have the rest of his package which I will probably keep him in, but I do enjoy his pose a lot and luckily he is able to stand up on his own TuT haha

And here's everything, pretty much. Well, I left out a few new things and added some uhh things that aren't quite that new. But hey it still looks like a good photo so it's fine I suppose XD haha. I don't think I mentioned it but I got a ton of grabby figures off of ebay, too. I actually never expected to get them; I was just doing my usual casual scrolling on Y!J, and I found them in a lot for super cheap! I have never hit buy it now so fast. Yay for impulse buying =w= hehe

I think that's it for today. I'm looking forward to posting a lot more gets and whatnot after the Christmas season. I have a lot of neat stuff I'm so excited for :3! Thank you all for reading! :=)
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