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★☆ September/October gets + grail get + I made a Swampert figure! ☆★

Hello amazing people! Today I come with another post showcasing what I got the past two months of September and October! I usually buy lots of plushies but this time I set that aside because there ended up being so many figures and straps I wanted to buy.

Summary picture!

I'll start by showing the small bits and bobs I got!

Straps! I really love this year's Halloween promotion but I didn't have the space for all the plushies if I bought them so I went and just got the straps! I think my favourites are Rowlet and Mimikyu!

I also got some Pokemon Time straps of a few favourite pokemon! Raichu and one of the Blazikens are MIP and I want to display them like that on my corkboards (when I clean it up) and the other Blaziken lives hanging on my 3DS! I don't know what the Glaceon keychain is from but it was only $2 so I got it anyway.

Pokemon Dessert plates! I loved this promotion so frickin much I bought the whole set of figures. There is not one piece I do not like! My favourites are the Venusaur pancakes, the Snorlax apple pie and vulpix cake! I bought them for my nendoroids but they were too big for them.

But they're funnily enough a good size for pokedolls! Here's Merlot (thats my Raichu's name) trying his hand at serving drinks.

They're really pretty figures, I'm looking forward to taking more pictures with them.

Pikachu Komorebi Cafe Re-ments! These ones I knew would be perfectly sized for my nendoroids since I already own a few Re-ments. I'm a sucker for miniature foods.

Raichu TFG figure! They're actually really nice figures, it's such a shame they were cancelled. I like how there's a little podium for him, makes displaying him without a riser easier. Most of my Raichus are fat and chubby and cute looking so this is the first one that is cool and tough.

Clear files! I will probably never use these and just stash them away forever. I'd like to frame my favourite files and display them on my wall one day.

I also got this Mimikyu Eco-bag from AmiAmi. They're like tote bags but you fold them up when you're not using them and there's a smaller bag to store the folded bag in. It's already become really useful when I go buy groceries.

And last but not least, the BEST part of this loot...



I now have two Magikarp pokedolls! I can't get enough of this derpy fish!! This second one is also a 2009 release, and frankly that's all I want since I do not like Velboa.

Okay so I had to get the Halloween Mimikyu plush at the very least, even if I didn't have space for him. I love his scarecrow concept too much and how they added candy to one of his pockets! This Mimikyu plush is more well stuffed than his plain original counterpart but I don't mind either way. Only trouble with this mimikyu is that his hat makes him top heavy and so he can't stand up by himself. ):

I finally got an awake Sylveon kuttari to go with my sleeping one! I regretted not getting them together when they released but now its fine. This sylveon was only $15 from a local seller so I literally pounced on the opportunity to get her.

I also ended up buying a Groudon pokedoll finally! I've been meaning to get one for ages to go with my Kyogre, but unfortunately I ended up getting the oversized version without meaning to! I bought this Groudon from Y!AJ and the seller did not mention that he was the oversized version. I only realised it when I got the shipping quote for him lol. Now they don't match and it really bothers me.

And now for the cherry on the top of this loot:

My grail (if you will), the Blaziken pokedoll! They are not that rare but for some reason I had a hard time finding a Japanese version in brand new condition, even when I didn't want a MWT, for a decent price. It had to be a new Japanese one and I kept coming across American ones, ones that were loved, and ones without a butt tag. So I'm glad I have him now, the way I want him! He's so perfect and vibrantly coloured! I think the American versions were less vibrant and skinnier? Also I was a bit surprised to find his hands sown onto his legs, I've only seen ones with free waving hands.

Anyway, I named this Blaziken KFC, short for Kung Fu Chicken.

KFC with his mini-self I made half a year ago! Half a year ago, I never thought I'd have the real thing in perfect condition in my hands!


KFC on a flower bed! His vibrant colourfulness makes him great to take photos of! I'm looking forward to posting more of him on my instagram.

I also made a Swampert pokedoll figure!

I haven't had much time these past few months to make many figures but I hope that'll change at the end of this month! Critic is always welcome!

Thanks for reading and sticking around!
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