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So Many Wool Pokemon!

Hey all! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

I hope you're enjoying all my needlefelts because I HAVE MORE TO SHARE WITH YOU TODAY ⊂◉‿◉つ

I've officially finished all of my commissions from other sites, and I'm really happy about how they all turned out! I can't wait to get sales permission on LJ so I can make some customs for ya'll! Without, further ado, here are all of my commissions:

Shiny Dusclops! Just in time for the Pokemon Go Halloween event! Dusclops was part of a trio that includes the next 2 Pokemon and they all went to the same person.

Ludicolo! I was really satisfied with his brown stripes, althought you can't really see them, they turned out really clean.

Finally, we have Gengar! Another one that was in perfect timing for the PoGo Event ^_^ Gengar ended up being almost twice the size I had intended, but I really like his spikes!

This Charizard was commissioned by one of my fraternity brothers! My needlefelting hobby is kinda under the radar in real life, so when I was showing some people on a camping trip, she asked me to make her a Charizard. I modeled this guy after the Banpresto kuji plush.

Finally, I decided to make this giant Tyranitar for my desk! Definitely my biggest and most successful project yet, Tyranitar stands at 6 inches tall, can stand on his own, and now serves as one of the protectors for the other figures on my desk. He took about 10 hours and an entire bag of green wool to complete. Even though I've never used a Tyranitar in one of the games, he's always had a special place in my heart because I used to watch the Pokemon 4ever movie all the time as a child and I always felt really bad for the Tyranitar that gets captured at the beginning of the movie ;_;

Anyways, thanks as usual for reading!
Tags: charizard, dusclops, gengar, ludicolo, tyranitar
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