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A sad lion cub loss + looking for some fire lion cubs

Hello community sorry I have been so off and on here.
There hasn't been much merch I've wanted to buy recently but after seeing the US/UM trailer I am very much hyped! Not sure if I am going to aim to collect all Ultra 'galeo like when Sun came out. But do plan on purchasing the Ultra plush and figure and maybe a few things.

But on another note a while back I bought a Litleo Tretta on eBay (big mistake already, I know). They never shipped my item despite my many messages. They actually have seemed to deactivate :/ and I am still waiting on my refund.

Sooo to sum up I was wondering if anyone here has the Litleo Tretta? And is willing to sell to me? When I purchased the item it was $7.99 USD and I am waiting for that refund. If you do have one or know where I can purchase one please do comment. I am slightly tempted to try Y!JP but I have never made a purchase on there nor do I really do bids. It really is a tad intimidating to approach imo, but I just might if I want this item.

I also spotted a sort of stamp/inc set? Back from XY and it seems to have a sort of Litleo stamp? I think haha

(if you need the image removed or credited feel free to tell me)
Litleo is on the left-hand side. I'm not too sure what this set really is I just assume it's a sort of stamp set cause of the inkpad.
Any info or if you're selling the Litleo please let me know! These are the only two items I am missing of my lil fire cub! ;w; thank you!

I am interested in buy or trading these items.

Link to my latest sales
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