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Sales post

Hi everyone, I really need to get rid of some stuff so I'm back with another sales post! :D

Sale Rules:
Sales permission granted on February 28th, 2016 by areica96
My Feedback-> http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mixie94/
-All community rules apply.
-I only accept Paypal as payment at this time
-I ship from North Carolina, USA and I'm willing to ship worldwide (but may take longer to ship out).
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or Paypal fees.
- I live in a smoke-free but pet-friendly home, please keep that in mind if you have allergies.
-First come, first served. I will hold quoted items up to 24 hours if no response is made within that period of time the items will be put back up for sale.
-Feel free to ask for more pictures if you need them.
-Don't edit your comments, if any edit is needed (for example you wanted to add more items to your order) then just reply to your comment.
-Make sure you give me your zip code (if in the US) or country (if you are international). If you don't include this information it will take longer on your quote.
-Please make sure to make it clear if you are committing to the items or asking for a quote. If you don't make it clear I will assume that you are committed to the items. If you're committed and back out negative feedback will be left.
-(If committed) Payment is expected within 48 hours after I give the total (a warning will then be issued). I am willing to hold items longer however if you don't pay by the agreed upon date I will leave negative feedback (holds=commitment).
-I'm open to haggling if you think my prices are too high (especially if you are buying multiple items). However please don't be offended if I decline.

Pins: Pikachu w/Boxing gloves ($2), Pikachu family ($2), everyone else ($5 each)
Sold: Ho-Oh, pikachu w/ Boxing gloves, Pikachu family, Lugia with Pichu on back, Articuno, Suicune

Croagunk ($6),Pikachu ($2.50), Horsea ($3.50), Togepi ($3.50), Vulpix ($5), Slowpoke ($5)
*Croagunk comes with its caspule. The dome figures come with caspule + insert*

Pokemon on wheely boat things: $4 each
*Arceus is the only one that comes with the clear plastic casing*

$3.50 each
*boxes have been opened. You'll get figure, kid card, + box. There are also doubles of Charizard, Pikachu w/hat, and Ho-Oh*

$3.50 each
Sold: Alolan Raichu
*boxes have been opened. You'll get figure, kid card, + box.*

$6 each expect Pikachu who is $4
*boxes have been opened. You'll get figure, insert, +box*

$2 each OR take them all for $8
Sold: Lapras, Arbok, Haunter, Dusklops

Full Color Stadium (all MIP except for Rhydon who's packet is no longer sealed): Pikachu ($2), Rhydon($2), Aerodactyl ($3), Hitmonlee ($2), Zapados ($4), Articuno ($4), Moltres ($4)
MIP Clear Red Dragonite ($3)
Cup Figures: Pikachu ($3), Snorlax ($4.50) *each figure comes w/ insert*

Kids:Pichu ($2), Jirachi ($2), Unopened Lucario($3)
Stampers: Doduo ($2), Lickitung ($2), Hitmonchan ($2)
Full Color Stadium (MIP): Mr.Mime ($2), Chansey ($2)
Ghost Ippai: Litwick ($5), Pumpkaboo ($5), Cofagrigus ($4) *each figure comes w/ insert*
Unopened Brock Gym Hereos pack ($8)
Everything else ($1)
Sold: Ralts figure

Meowth Ichiban Kuji Figure ($4.50)
Meowth Kids: Kitty, attack, + clear ($2.50 each) Meowth on a log ($3.50)
Pokedoll figure ($6)

Free with purchase (Pikachu CD, Pikachu Card, Pikachu sticker sheet)

And of course, you are free to combine with items from my last sale posts:
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May I get a quote for the ho-oh pin to 36078 please? :D