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Collection & Gets Post!

Hey all!

I've been mostly lurking since making a re-introduction post in September; I put off doing a collection post since I've been waiting on some packages to come in, and now I'm waiting on even MORE stuff from Y!J, buuuuut I think it's time for an update nevertheless, because I really want to show off my gets! They're pretty small, but I'm very excited about them! (Probably too excited haha)

For anyone who didn't catch my re-intro, my two main collections are Gloom and Jirachi. My Jirachi collection is considerably larger, but that's a matter of who has the most merch, not me playing favorites. I also have a small handful of other Oddish-Gloom-Vileplume line things, as well as a very VERY small mushroom Pokemon collection. Paras and Parasect are my favorites of that bunch. :V (I have mini-collections of other particular favorites, like Croagunk, and miscellaneous Grass- and Bug-types, but I'm trying to be more focused with my collecting going forward.)

A lot of my figures and other stuff are scattered around at the moment, so for now I'll make this my ~big update shot~. This is a pretty comprehensive look at most of my plush collection, arranged in a sort-of-rainbow since that's the most visually pleasing way I could think of to line them up. It's mostly older stuff from years ago, along with Pokedolls I've bought at Nintento World and things I've picked up at cons, etc. It's barely a handful compared to a lot of the collections I've seen in this group, but it's grown a lot since I started collecting years ago!

And here's my Jirachi plush collection by itself! pls ignore the wish tag sticking straight up in the air on the rightmost Jirachi, how embarrassing. The big crocheted one was made by a friend, but not for me, incidentally; she just happened to have crocheted some Pokemon, and I bought it from her afterward (I think? Maybe it was a gift?? this was a while ago lol.) It is very charming despite not having a ton of structural integrity to speak of in the neck department.

My Jirachi figures and charms, as well as some fanmade things, and other stuff like a lenticular card. The round thing in the back is a yo-yo! Missing from the pic is the Pokemon Time candy tin, which I can't find at the moment (unfortunately, it's so cute!)

By contrast, this was my Gloom collection... all of it:

For one of my two main collections... this is just kinda sad, lol. :'1 It's hard to get around the fact that there just isn't a ton of Gloom merch out there... (The super-cute little crocheted Gloom was a Secret Santa gift that a friend commissioned, so unfortunately I don't know who made it!)

... And just for kicks, my itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny really-very-small mushroom collection:

this collection... is a babby. (To be fair, it's missing the Foonguss Pokedoll from the plush section, but still.)

When it comes to the Pokemon I "officially" collect, I feel like my collections are very small-item-focused. I guess it makes sense since they're more accessible, since buying a handful of charms and little figures vs. plunking down a big chunk of change for a single plush tends to be a no-brainer for me! :1 I also love tiny items on their own merits-- after all, they're cute and relatively easy to store. There's just something about plush, though... You can't exactly cuddle a phone charm, lol.

And now, without further ado... On to the gets!

I'm really happy that I was finally able to get ahold of all of the Jirachi 20th Anniversary merch! Technically only the pearly TOMY figure is a recent get; that was the only thing I wasn't able to buy in-store when it was released, but I was fortunately able to find one for a decent price on ebay.

I'm keeping it in the box for now, but I was pleased to see that the blister packaging is designed in such a way that everything can be removed and put back inside without destroying the box! Takes a little finagling to get the clear rubber band wrapped back around the right way, but it's totally doable. The figure itself is nice, but the molding on Jirachi's rump is uhhhh... a little weird, lol...

(Normal TOMY comparison: Why is its butt so lumpy...)

Also grabbed an extra anniversary pin for wearing on my hat! (It's all I can do not to get doubles every time I buy a can badge or other pin... I love wearing them but I'm so worried about losing or damaging them... :'| i need to just bite the bullet and get an ita bag or something)

All the Jirachi merch except for the Look Upon The Stars charm and the bracelet is from PokeVault; it's all super cute, as Jirachi merch is wont to be! The kokeshi charms from the Tohoku Renewal promotion are so pretty, and I'm looking forward to collecting more items from the event, hopefully before they get too expensive. Also, can I take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with PokeVault's packaging? There was SO much care taken with even the smallest items, and I don't think I've ever seen trading cards so securely packed before-- soft sleeves inside toploaders, taped closed, wrapped in thin foam, reinforced with cardboard, inside a plastic bag. NOTHING was going to happen to those cards.

As excited as I was for my Jirachi items, I was even more pumped for ALL THIS GLOOM STUFF!

Most of it is tiny/flats, but I don't care! Look at how cute the fuzzy figure is! And those Gloom socks! AAH!! I might someday have to get another pair of these just to wear, I love them so much! they're probably 100% polyester so my feet would sweat like crazy in them but it's a sacrifice i'm willing to make And I'm also really fond of the 3" can badge-- it's so vibrant, and I love the 3D renders of the Pokemon on the Big Canbadge series! Something about the models is just so appealing to me. Again, I might just buy another to wear at some point so I can keep this one pristine!

These two didn't make it into the group shot because I'm very disorganized. I hope I can eventually get my hands on more of the Gloom items from the Ichiban Kuji Modern Art set, the designs are so cute! I wish the shape of the cleaner itself was less... I don't know, amorphous? Blobby? But hey, I'm not complaining. The little Gloom charm is a gift that my friend made for me, I love it and will never be able to hang it on anything because, again, I'm scared of something happening to it lol /o\

And some small additions to my mushroom collection as well!

As I mentioned before, I'm looking forward to the arrival of my first-ever Y!J purchases sometime this month- I admittedly went kind of buckwild after making a zenmarket account- so I'll be making another gets post when that arrives. I'm also working on a sales post, since I'm looking to downsize a bit and focus on my main collections.

Thanks for reading, and hope you have a good weekend!
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