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Huge Sales Update - Pokedolls, Canvas Plushies, Eeveelution Stuff, Gacha Toys and Much, Much More.

Hello all ~ So, I've been away from the community and the more creative/collecting side of the internet for the past few months. I've got a brief explanation about that at the top of my sales journal if anyone is interested (or nosy like me lmao). Long story even shorter here though: I'm moving house in a few months and need to cut down before it gets too close. Also, I'm both cutting out my non-Eeveelution collection items and I'm finally selling my Eeveelution extras that I've accumilated. I have added over 400 items to my pokemon sales, 267 of which are plushies, but there are new items in every pokemon sales section. I am certain that I have somebody's grail, or at the very least, a lot of stuff I'm sure will proove very popular.

Click the link below and you'll find almost my entire MPC and Pokedoll collections as well as much, much more!

My pricing was mostly worked out via ebay, since I've been out of the loop for a while. If you are interested in something and think my pricing is way, way off, you can counter-offer, but I might want to wait on accepting anything until plenty of people have seen my wears, and priority of course goes to those committed to pay the full price.

Click the image or here to be transported.

Keep checking back over the next few weeks. If I find more stuff as I clear more space, I'll update the pages.

I still don't have my TCG sales up just because it's so tedious, but I'll probably be working on that next.
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