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¤ US PokéCen Pin GB Reminder!! ¤

Hello Community!

This is just a 48-hourish advance notice before it's ordering time!
There are currently 2 pins in the Halloween set available, as well as 2 from the final evoled Unova starters.

I wanted to see whether or not anyone else might be willing to split a couple sets of pins in case they're like me; there are only certain individual pokemon you'd like instead. Here are a few rules/guidelines to go by:

》 Sales Permission granted by areica96</span> on February 28 2016th

Here is my feedback:

》 Will do US as well as International shipping! Please be aware that this will see a slight increase in fees and possibly ahipping

》 Please post clearly indicating which pin you'd like to commit to.

》 Depending on the number of pins in each set, price will be determined as such:

Price ÷ Number of pins per Set

》 Flat payment for pins/paypal (which will be included) fees are needed up front, shipping will be charged once they arrive. However, if something is wrong with the shipment, or in the case an item sells out, payment will be refunded promptly instead.

》 I am planning on ordering Weds. Night, November 8th. Please have your claims/payment in by then!

Here are the sets:

Serperior (mystica15)
Samurott ()
Emboar ()

Pika ()
Plusle/Minun ()
Eevee (mystica15)
Espeon/Umbreon (clicky797)

Rockruff (bottledketchup) PAID
Midday Lycanroc (ssjvap) PAID
Midnight Lycanroc (mystica15)
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