Flotton (flotton) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Over 100 electric sheep!


Finally I did it!
I reached over 100 Mareeps this month after the package from arisamon came elevating my total collection to 101!
Not only that, but a rare Mareep retsuden stamp came in the package! It really is a great achievement, as i cannot find another Mareep line collector with this specific stamp.
This stamp is the blue johto retsuden stamp from (what i believe to be) 2003.

Im currently waiting for several packages for my collection, and besides the stamp hadnt really got anything rare or interesting.
I also have a spare Flaaffy onemuri makura without a blanket, and had no luck finding a blanket for it

Here the webpage link, like always (im glad people enjoy my work on this site!)

Anyway, hope you all have a nice day ^^
Tags: collection update, mareep
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