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Pokemon x Its' Demo report

So I did some pickups today. There's lots more stuff in the shop than was revealed earlier. I updated my blog with lots of pictures and pickup prices, the new post is here and the old post is here. Let me know if you'd like anything picked up! It seems that the fire-type stuff with Charmander will come out Nov 22.

I got a few items to sell on hand. Please be sure to read the rules on the bottom if you'd like to make a purchase :)

Gel pen set: $16 (shipping $6.50)

Fuzzy thick socks: $10 (shipping $7)

Memo paper: $7 (shipping $6.50)

Spiral notebook: $12 (shipping $7)

Puffy stickers: $7 (shipping $6.50)

Acrylic keychains: $12 (shipping $6.50)

Ornament w/ can badge & snacks: $9 (shipping $8.50)
Tin can ornament with cookies: $12 (shipping $7)

RULES! Please read!!
- Paypal payment only
- I ship internationally, from Japan
- No trades
- Payment should be made within 48 hours of receiving total. If you need more time please ask first.
- Please be clear and say “committed” if you want the item
- The shipping prices quoted are for registered air. I can combine shipping for multiple items. I will charge actual shipping price plus $1 for shipping supplies (if a box is needed) plus PP fees.
- Sales permission granted 19 Feb 2013 by entirelycliched. Feedback:
- I live in Japan, so if I don't reply right away be be aware of the time difference!

Tags: ninetails, vulpix
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