kinokokoneko (kinokokoneko) wrote in pkmncollectors,

What are these? Grabby figures?

As the title suggests, I'm after some info on these little figures!

They're about an inch tall, the first five in the row have heads that turn all the way around, manaphy's feet turn, gliscor's tail part turns and pachirisu doesn't move. I saw a post recently about "grabby" figures but now I can't find it, when I search online for grabby figures these don't show up so I'm wondering if anyone has any info ^^ I'm assuming they're from the diamond/pearl/heargold/soulsilver era because of the spiky eared pichu.

Thanks ^w^
Tags: buneary, croagunk, gliscor, manaphy, meowth, pachirisu, pichu, pikachu
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