mijumari (mijumari) wrote in pkmncollectors,

More Amada Stickers Auctions, yay!

I need these gone so they start cheap, I also added some plushes for sale

-Sales permission granted by areica96 on may 7th, 2017
-All community rules apply
-My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/Mijumari/
-I do not sell to banned/non members
-Banned from my sales: mabelgkim
-I only accept Paypal, prices are in USD and do not include paypal fees
-I ship from Peru and ship worldwide, prices do no include shipping unless stated
-Asking for a quote/expressing interest does not give you priority over an item, I will sell to the first to commit
-I only accept haggling on items that say OBO
-I can hold items for 24 hours if you're committed, backing out will result in negative feedback
-I usually ship within 3 days
-I have cats
-I ship in bubble mailers, if you would like your stuff shipped in a box, let me know, however this will increase shipping
-Here's a shipping chart, dont commit to an item if you don't agree with the shipping costs, I'll leave negative feedback.

I ship in bubble mailers, if you would like a box, let me know, though that will increase shipping
-Tracking is $3 extra, I'm not responsible for lost items if you dont add tracking
-Minimum purchase is $5

Auction rules
-Minimun increment is $1
-Auction ends Monday 13th, 3 pm peruvian time, counter is here
-No sniping
-No deleting, editing bids, if you made a mistake letme know and Ill fix it

Most stickers are in good condition, some have yellow borders due to age, le t me know if you would like more pic t ures

Gen 1-2 Amada, tops(?) sticker lot starts at $3

Gen 1 Holo, metallic lot stars at $5

Gen 3 lot starts at $3 (some have tiny dents ._. )

Gen 4 lot starts at $3

Mixed lot of Amada series 1 (Around 90 stickers, tons of doubles, not taking adicional pictures, some are very old) start a $2

Mixed lot of Amada series 2 (Around 150 stickers, tons of doubles, not taking adicional pictures, some are very old) start a $3

And sales here: https://mijumari.livejournal.com/2125.html

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