Dezi (dezi_kitsune) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Long time no see, 3DS, and Gacha/Puttito figure Sales!

Wow I haven't posted here in forever. I'm still lurking though and I am still collecting. Just been busy. So much Vulpix stuff has come out and is coming out recently it's hard to keep up. I am so glad that my favorite fox is getting so much merch though. <3

I will also be trying to weed out 90% of my side collection items throughout the holiday season. I don't have room for all this Vulpix stuff with my side collections so they have to go. I'll be posting them here and on eBay so keep an eye out as I have a lot of cool, sometimes rare, items of various dog types, eeveelus, starters, and pikachu.

Just a small sales post today to start with I wanted to post here before eBay for the Pokemon 3DS's I'm selling. Click the image to go to my sales!

Tags: blastoise, bulbasaur, charizard, eevee, espeon, gengar, glaceon, jolteon, leafeon, meowth, pikachu, rockruff, sales, sylveon, umbreon, vaporeon
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