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I Love Vulpix!

Happy, happy, 'cause my package from gaarasyami arrived!! :)

I was so excited when I saw the annoucing of the promo for Rokon's Crystal Season!!
I had to hold myself back not to buy too much, 'cause I was completely in love with everything I saw!! <3

The first thing I absolutely wanted where the little mascot plush Vulpix <3

They are so cute!! <3 And I love the extra little charms <3
But because you can't see the charms, 'cause they're at the back, I removed them and hang them on their neck like a necklace! :)

I placed the two Vulpix next to my two Ninetales, like a happy family <3

I also love the poncho Eevee's, but I couldn't afford them all, so I choose one : Flareon!
So cute!!! Love it!!! <3

And then the cookie tin - so beautiful!! <3
In them where 10 cookies : 5 milk chocolate and 5 white chocolate!
I haven't tried them yet, but I think they are delicious, since my favorite candy is chocolate! :P

The clearfile is also very beautiful! <3
I'm not going to use them as a file folder, but hang them up on the wall like a poster! :D

I also love the Halloween clearfile! <3

Very nice what they did with the design when you put papers in it :

And these little Halloween postcardsl <3 Love it!

One final group shot with all the Vulpix/Ninetales merch together to close this post :

Thanks for reading!
And thank you very much gaarasyami!!! :D

Tags: ninetales, plush, pokemon, vulpix
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