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Charmanders and some other guys! (Sales)

I'm helping a friend sell off there charmander collection as well as selling a few side collections so come get some cool stuff!


-I ship from the U.S. to anywhere
-Because of my work schedule I generally have one to two shipping days a week, thankyou for your patience!
-My prices do not include shipping!
-My prices are in USD
-Please let me know if you're committed to an item otherwise the next person may get it first if they show commitment first
-No trades at this time

I got sales permission from Allinia on March 15 2013

Tyrunt banpresto (in back) 8$
Tyrunt pokecen plush 12$
Tyrunt MPC 6$
Tyrunt Pokedoll 14$

or buy the lot for 30$

Fletchling okecen plush 12$
Fletchling MPC 6$
Fletchling kid 5$
Fletchinder kid 5$
Talonflame kid 5$
Talonflame candy figure 6$
Fletchling candy figure 4$
Sticker 1$

Or buy the lot for 35$

Chespin plush 7$
Snow chespin (sold)
Popplio tomy (American version) 13$
Zygard 10% plush 15$
Musharna plush 10$
Herdier MPC 8$
Sewaddle plush 8$
Krokorok MPC 11$
Croagunk kuttari 5$

Big toy factory charmander 5$ (loved condition)
McDonalds charmander (I dont think his tail lights up anymore) 12$
Tomy Charmander 12$
Banpresto charmander 14$
Canvas Charmander (no tags) 12$
MPC charmander 9$
Silly looking charmander 7$
Chirimen Charmander 15$

custom amigurumi charmander 5$
Dittomander 12$
little bean charmander 8$
Charmander laying on his back 9$
Banpresto tiny charmander 5$
Applause charmander 4$
Tomy keychain charmander 3$
Bandai tiny charmander 6$
American keychain charmander plush 6$
Tiny banpresto charmander with a big tag 7$
Tiny charmander napkin holder?? (hes on the square fabric) 7$
The charmander next to that one 5$

Charmander pokedoll (no tags, slightly loved) 12$
Charmander face holding kid 5$
Old school charmander kid 4$
Tiny charmander on a green base 3$
Charmander mcdonalds figure 4$
Tiny charmander laying on his back 2$
Charmander flamethrower kid 5$
Retro tomy figure 4$
Tiny charmander on blue base 3$
Charmander kid surrounded by rocks i forget what attack this is 5$
Charmander with a keychain loop on his head 3$
Tiny charmanders next to him both 2$
Really happy charmander figure 5$
unofficial button 2$
Charmander flat round thing 2$
Tiny charmander that's not near the group 2$
Charmander pez 7$
Charmander mcdonalds flat toy 5$

Or buy all the charmanders for 150$

Thanks for checking it out!

Tags: charmander, chespin, plush, pokedoll, sales
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