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Gets + selling custom Umbreon and Espeon

Hey, I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I have finally found some time to show of my recents gets yay! I managed to get some items from my wishlist by trading with community members. Still waiting for my Ditto as Magikarp+Omanyte plushies but those should hopefully arrive this week or next (thinking about doing a Magikarp collection update when that parcel arrives).


For those interested, I put inididual pictures under the cut. ^^

The little magikarp is a bootie (I had expected it would look just like the 2016 banpresto craneking magikarp plush but it's a little different in colour and some details actually).

The Donphan (omg autocorrect keeps changing it to dolphin) Hasbro beanie and Entei friends plush were bought from kinokokoneko. I absolutely love both, they're so detailed despite the small size, it's adorable. I'm hoping to one day have a complete Hasbro beanie collection, I have a lot of those left over from my childhood but I still need a lot of the second generation ones.

Dragonite canvas plush was from a trade with chaos_21 and they included the Magikarp tin as a gift, thanks so much again! <3
The PC Dragonair has been on my wishlist for a while and I finally got it for myself for my birthday lat month haha. It's a super cool plush, very well made.

And the I love Eevee Flareon plush arrived a few days ago, it was a trade with sushiibear :D Flareon is my favourite eeveelution and though I don't intend to start collection Flareon, I think this just has to be one of the cutest plushies in existence, it's perfect in every way. <33

And finally the Ditto Koffing figure for gaarasyami the ditto is soooo tiny it's adorable. I still desperately want the Ditto as Koffing plush, hate myself for not buying it when it first came out.

And I finally got around making a pattern for a laying quadrupled plush, I used Umbreon as a test object but it was a little lonely without an Espeon and I had fabric in the right colours so Espeon happened as well haha. They're both looking for new homes! More pictures and info under the cut.

My Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/helaenaa/
- Sales permission was granted by areica96 on August 24th, 2016
- All community rules apply.
- I will not sell to banned members.
- I have the right to refuse to do business with you for any reason whatsoever.
- I ship worldwide from the Netherlands.
- I accept payment by Paypal or bank transfer (european customers)
- My items come from a smoke free house, pet free house (however our dog passed away quite recently so if your allergies are severe, please refrain from buying). Plushies are treated with a lint roller before I ship them out.
- Payment plans are usually accepted, feel free to ask!
- Prices are in EUR or USD unless stated otherwise, and do not include Paypal fees and shipping (unless stated otherwise).

Umbreon is about 10 inch long from front to back, and about 7 inches tall. It's made from minky fabric (dark gray, not black) with machine embroidered details for the face and the rings.

Espeon has the same measurements as Umbreon, is also made from minky fabric with machine embroidered details.

I'm asking 75 euros + shipping and fees for each, or both for 140 euros SHIPPED worldwide (offering a discount since I would kind of like for them to stick together haha).

Shipping is 6,95 euros within the Netherlands, everywhere else is 9 euros (untracked, please be aware that tracked shipping outside Europe will bump the shippings costs A LOT).

Payment plans are accepted and I might be willing to trade for items on my wishlist (which can be found on my profile). Mostly interested in some the pokedolls at this time.
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